Apple iPhone 8 Rumors Leaks


We are expecting to see the iPhone 8 in the September 2017, which means we are just a few months away from the release date. Unfortunately for the Apple that we also say we are starting to see more the leaks concerning about the iPhone.

The good thing for the Apple, then the rumors cook about the iPhone 8 which suggest that the Apple has something big in the works. The Apple's next iPhone will reportedly feature the whole new design with the all glass enclosure, an OLED display and a revamped Touch ID feature the new development the reality capabilities and wireless charging. The Apple could even roll out the three new iPhones, packaging the major features into a high-end version which might seriously break your bank.

iPhone 8: Release Date

According to the Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the reporter known for his accurate Apple reporting the iPhone 8 might be the coming later than the September after all and it is down to the new ambitious with the new design feature. The Gurman states with the new Apple iPhone 8 will feature the brand new screen. The Samsung Galaxy S8 this scrap will wrap around the edges of the phone, and it is just part of that Apple's suppliers are having trouble with.

iPhone 8: Design

We might have gotten the first look at all the new iPhone 8, and it looks strangely familiar. It is possible to easily make out the some of the iPhone 8 new design features and the first and most distinct feature in the iPhone 8 edge to edge screen.

iPhone 8: Features

iPhone 8 will have the sharp OLED screen

According to the report of DigiTimes, the Apple is going to sign the contract with the Samsung Display to supply them a curved OLED display for the iPhone 8. Apple has ordered between 20 and 92 million OLED panels, and the deal could be the worth of $90 million.

The iPhone 8 Won't have the home button

The Apple replaces the Touch ID with the ultrasonic sensor will hold two major benefits over the Touch ID. It is unaffected the contaminants such as the grease, lotion, sweat, and dirt and there is no issue with the too much or too little pressure affecting the quality of fingerprint quality.

The iPhone 8 could have biometric security

According to the rumors, the iPhone 8 will also indulge the facial recognition system. The Kuo states that the Apple is leaning toward facial recognition technology rather than the iris recognition and it expects the features will require the new solutions for the algorithms.

The iPhone 8 could have wireless charging

On this year's iPhone 7 was all about the resistance which is something plenty of the Android phones have promoted over the past few years. Considering the Apple is usually one to pick one of the favorite Android features, it is pretty like we all see in the iPhone 7s launch with the wireless charging.

Apple joined the wireless power corporation, the organization which looks after the standard involves with wireless charging technology. It is the biggest proof yet the iPhone 7s, and iPhone 8 will have the wireless charging capability.

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